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Rosemary O'Sullivan, Marie Vaughan and Kelley Noonan

5th August, 1985
When two local girls, Rosemary O'Sullivan and Marie Vaughan visit the grotto, they have an amazing experience. There had been talk, yes, of moving statues, but when the girls simultaneously beheld the glowing figure of a tall and exceedingly beautiful young lady, they knew that they were not looking at a mere statue, but at a three dimensional, breathing, moving, and expressive person. Her gentle smile held the two girls mesmerised in wonder and awe. In this contact with what was so obviously supernatural, Marie and Rose were both frightened and fascinated. They could stay looking at the Lady forever but, in the free will which the good God always respects, they were aware of and fought off in fright the strangeness of the experience. When they left, both girls hopped on a single bicycle which had brought them, and sped downhill to the village as fast as Rose could pedal.

When they arrived at Rose's house, they spoke only to Rose's eldest sister, Mary. Breathless with fright and excitement, both girls had quite a struggle to relate the happening. It was immediately obvious that they had experienced something very much out of the ordinary because, with their limited vocabulary, their attempts to put their experience into words were hampered and relied heavily on facial expression and feelings. With much questioning, a convincingly detailed description of what they had experienced emerged, so vivid and live that one was very much inclined to believe their story. In spite of their own turmoil, the two girls even remarked that the Lady (and they believed it to be the Blessed Virgin) seemed to be shy or perhaps not anxious to startle them!

Mary's first reaction was to listen, question, calm the girls and later on suggest that Marie and Rose return to the grotto at the same time the next day, just to check that they were absolutely certain of what they had seen. Our Lady had appeared in the past to give some important messages in various places. She had beckoned them to approach, so perhaps She had something to say to them, in which case they should co-operate with her.

6th August, 1985
Rose and Marie returned to Gortaneadin grotto, for the second of subsequent countless visits. Nervousness vied with an intense curiosity and a longing to gaze upon the beautiful Lady again. At the Grotto, they prayed the Rosary, daring to peep up only now and again. After what seemed a long time, the beautiful Lady came again, radiant and smiling and before She left, She gave what really is the single most important message; She said "Peace".

8th August, 1985
Our Lady appears to Rose. She tells Rose to "Bring more children to pray". Our Lady also says: "Tell families get together to pray the Rosary". She indicated that we must pray much if we are to avoid catastrophe. "My Father is very sad in Heaven and My Son is very sad". Rose sees Jesus. He looks sad and a tear runs across His cheek. She also sees little children around Him and Rose presumes these to be Angels.

15th August, 1985
Rose sees Our Lady surrounded by stars, and accompanied by a "teenage" Angel holding a tall lighted candle on which there is strange writing.

27th April, 1986
Our Lady appears to Rose. Our Lady makes the Sign of the Cross over all.

18th May, 1986
Our Lady appears to Rose, and says: "I invite you to come on Wednesday".

19th May, 1986
Our Lady appears to Marie. "Come up on Wednesday with Rose".

21st May, 1986
Our Lady appears to Rose, and asks her to come up every Wednesday for the next few weeks, because She must go away soon. Our Lady also has a message for a group going on a pilgrimage: "Tell them I'll be with them all the way".

22nd May, 1986
Our Lady tells Marie: "I'll give you a message soon".

23rd May, 1986
Our Lady appears to Rose and Marie. Rose kisses Our Lady; Marie touches her. Our Lady kisses a Crucifix. Our Lady speaks to the girls: "If you love me will you fast on Fridays and say three Rosaries? Saint Bernadette will guide you. Thanks for the flowers".

11th June, 1986
Our Lady appears to Rose and says to her: "I am the Queen of Peace".

12th June, 1986
Our Lady appears to Marie, and says: "I want the World to improve by prayer and penance. I want you to publish this".

10th August, 1986
Rose and Marie go to Rossmore grotto, which is on the Macroom side of Inchigeela village. Also present is Kelley Noonan, (16 years), who is on holidays in the area, staying with relations. Our Lady appears to all three girls. Our Lady invites Marie to return to Gortaneadin with Rose later that evening.

13th August, 1986
Our Lady appears to the three girls at Gortaneadin. She has different messages for each. She says to Marie: "The devil is trying to take over the World. You must pray for sinners and for the souls in Purgatory".

Rose has her last apparition of Our Lady. She says to Rose: "I am your Heavenly Mother", to which Rose replies: "Then we are all your children". "Yes, go in peace".

Our Lady says to Kelley: "Beware of false prophets. My child, the devil will tempt you and is fighting for you but I shall be with you always. Go in peace." Our Lady also asks the girls to tell people to drink the water flowing at the grotto, because She has blessed it for purification.

14th August, 1986
Our Lady appears to Marie and Kelley. Marie sees Our Lord as the Sacred Heart, beside Our lady, whose Immaculate Heart is visible also. Our Lady speaks to Kelley: "My children, you have spread my word well and I thank you for it. I bless all whom I haven't blessed already. My children, open your hearts to me and you shall be rewarded".

15th August, 1986
Our Lady tells Marie: "The devil is going to try to make the three of ye doubt".

17th August, 1986
Following a series of false apparitions, Our Lady tells Marie: "This was a test to see if you knew the difference between love and hate". Marie meets her Angel Guardian, who asks her to talk to him often, like a friend.

Our Lady appears to Kelley at Rossmore and at Gortaneadin, and She speaks to Kelley on both occasions: At Rossmore: "Ask my people to pray. Tel them to pray. This is the only way that they shall be saved". At Gortaneadin: "The youth of today should not use their bodies as instruments of pleasure. Their bodies belong to God and God alone".

20th August, 1986
Our Lady appears to Kelley and says to her: "Tell the people I thank them for their prayers. Come up and keep me company. I love my children".

22nd August, 1986
Our Lady and Our Lord appear to Kelley in Inchigeela Church. Our Lady appears to Marie at Rossmore.

24th August, 1986
Our Lady appears to Kelley at Gortaneadin, and thanks her for praying the Rosary.

7th September, 1986
Our Lady appears to Marie in Inchigeela Church

5th October, 1986
Our Lady appears to Marie: "My dear child, I bet you're wondering why I didn't come earlier today. I hope you are not sad as I have to leave soon. Ye have spread my message very well, but yet the world is in great sin".

26th October, 1986
Our Lady appears to Kelley and Marie. Our Lady says to Kelley: "Pray more for the conversion of sinners". Our Lady refers to prisoners: "My love is with each and every one of them". Marie sees a vision of "people with no happiness in them". Our Lady tells her: "This is what is in store for those who do not love God".

2nd November, 1986
Our Lady appears to Marie: "I wish that the brown Scapular should be spread more".

16th November, 1986
Kelley meets her Guardian Angel. Our Lady tells Kelley that She will not be able to come to her much longer. "Don't be sad, I'll always be with you". Asked when she would be leaving, Our Lady said that She would tell Kelley when the time came.

Our Lady also appeared to Marie on this date: "Tell the people I love them and I want them to be my children".

30th November, 1986
Our Lady appears to Kelley at Inchigeela Church.

1st January, 1987
Our Lady appears to Kelley: "My child pray more for those in Ireland who have no faith and that Ireland may be united in peace".

1st February, 1987
Our Lady appears to Kelley, and points to the Crucifix, and near it is a glass case containing the two stone slabs of the Ten Commandments (as traditionally depicted). They are clearly broken. Our Lady says: "Tell the people what you see. Tell them to mend their ways... I will repeat this apparition near the end of February. Until then, pray to your heavenly father for forgiveness".

22nd February, 1987
Our Lady appears to Kelley, (for the last time) and again the two slabs of the Ten Commandments appear, still broken. "Sons and daughters of the World, I beg of you to recite and keep the Ten Commandments. It is now time for me to leave you. Call me whenever you need me. I'll always be there for you".

Marie Vaughan had a silent apparition of Our Lady at Rossmore grotto on this date, and her last apparition took place on the 8th of March, 1987, also at Rossmore.

This account has been reprinted from the book "Inchigeela - A Call to Prayer", written by Mary B. O'Sullivan and published by the Inchigeela Queen of Peace Group (in association with Religious Promotions and Publications) in 1989.

Mary Casey

Between June 25th, 1986 and March 25th, 1987, The Blessed Virgin Mary appeared 81 times to Mrs. Mary Casey, a housewife and mother, from Macroom, Co. Cork. Most of these apparitions took place at Gortaneadin Grotto, during which Our Lady imparted many messages.

Mary Casey (nee Dineen) was born in Dungarvan, Co. Waterford. Following her school years, she nursed in Cork City. She married Patrick Casey in 1969, and they have lived near Macroom since then. They had nine children.

Mrs. Casey has travelled throughout the USA, the Caribbean, China, Japan and the Philippines, passing on the messages of Our Lady to the World.

On Wednesday, July 23rd, 1986, Mary Casey received her first of many messages from Our Lady. These messages were related to those present, phrase by phrase. Our Lady spoke slowly and paused after every sentence, Her voice soft like music.

During the apparitions, Mrs. Casey remained in a state of ecstacy with no sense of time or the people praying around her. At first, a blue mist surrounded the statue and instantly, the statue disappeared and a beautiful young lady, about 17-18 years, appeared. She did not take the place of the statue, but appeared about three feet to the right of it, and while this young lady was present, there was no statue. She was always seen in a green field of grass with no trace of the Grotto flowers, shrubs or hedging.

In the words of Mrs. Casey: "She is dressed in a brilliant white gown, a blue sash and mantle of a delicate shade of blue drapes Her head. She has light brown, shoulder length hair and big blue eyes. When she smiles, dimples appear. her Hands are joined in prayer and clasp a blue Rosary beads. Our Lady moves, breathes and looks to the left and to the right. Sometimes She looks at the nearby stream. In prayer, She always bows her head at the name of Jesus."

The following is an account of the visions and messages received by Mary Casey at Gortaneadin Grotto.

25th June, 1986.
Mary Casey receives her first apparition of Our Blessed Lady at Gortaneadin Grotto. She recounts it as follows: "I travelled to Gortaneadin Grotto with a friend, and like all of the hundreds of pilgrims who had come there before me, I was happy and eager to visit that holy place. It was a beautiful day - clear, crisp and sunny with a bright blue sky overhead. The Grotto seemed so fresh and pristine. Al of the shrubs and trees seemed to sparkle from the bright sunlight of that Spring day. When we arrived, we saw a group of people gathered in prayer and after disembarking from our car, we joined them in the recitation of the holy Rosary.

"After several Aves, I noticed that everything which I had looked upon while standing there began to change and disappear - the sky, the surrounding trees and shrubbery, the guard rail, the entire grotto and even the people who were present at the time! Everything within my line of vision suddenly became enveloped in a beautiful blue haze - a sort of heavenly mist that descended slowly and enfolded the entire area. Instantly, everything disappeared including the statue as thought I had blinked it all away, and in its place stood a beautiful and radiant young girl! She was not standing on the man-made platform, but was in the midst of a beautiful, lush-green, grassy field!

"She was dressed in a long, brilliant and shimmering white gown. There was a blue sash around her waist and on her head she wore a mantle of the same beautiful blue colour. Her dark brown hair, parted evenly in the centre, was shoulder-length and framed an exquisite face. Her eyes were crystal blue and an intense heavenly light surrounded her person. In her hands, she held a sparkling blue beads.

"I stared in disbelief, then rubbed my eyes, thinking it was all a figment of my imagination. But when I opened my eyes again, she was still standing there looking at me and smiling! I knelt down quickly not knowing what I should do and, feeling unworthy, placed my face in my hands, daring not to glance upon this Heavenly vision again. But when I did, she stood there still, smiling at me but saying nothing. It was though I were alone in the midst of a celestial dream, gazing upon the face and person of the Queen of Heaven, herself, Mary - the Virgin Mother of God! I was in awe and filled with wonder!"

23rd July, 1986
Mary Casey receives her first message from Our Lady: "I am the Queen of Peace! I want people to pray more, more and more. I want prayer from the heart. I want people to behave and people to believe. God loves the people of Ireland. RECONCILIATION! Receive the Sacrament of My Son more often. Go in peace!"

30th July, 1986
"Peace! Peace and prayer! Without prayer, there is no faith or peace. Pray, trust, guard, guide and protect the youth. I have a great confidence in you, the youth. I want men to amend their way of life and turn back to God. I pray for the sick and I bless them. Go in peace!"

6th August, 1986
"Peace! Prayer, peace and conversion! Sympathise with me. Pray! Pray! Pray! The world is in great sin. Pray to the Holy Spirit to come down on you. When you have that, you have everything. Encourage the youth to pray and go to Mass. The Mass is the greatest prayer of God. I do warn the faithful to amend their ways and ask pardon for their sins. I am asking for perseverance in your trials. Do ponder on how the Almighty is still suffering because of your sins. Pray a great deal and make everything you do a sacrifice. Offer them for sins and for the conversion of sinners. Always remember that God loves us all. Go in Peace!"

10th August, 1986
" Peace! Today, I am happy and I thank you for your prayers. You must pray more for the conversion of sinners. I want you to remember bishops, priests, sisters and all those in religious life in your prayers. Satan has begun to thwart my plans. Do not be afraid of temptation. I want your prayers continuously. Look around and see how much ground sin has got in this world. I would like the whole world to be my children. Go in peace!"

13th August, 1986
Mrs Casey sees Our Lady gracefully descend a flight of wooden stairs that had banisters at either side. Our Lady stood quite close to the people at the Grotto railings. She was wearing brown strapped sandals but wore no stockings.
"Peace! This is the parish that I have chosen. I am giving many graces to all people who come here and pray from their heart. Because you have not seen, it is important that you believe. My messages are for the whole world. I invite you to prayer of the heart and not just by habit. Let you prayer be a sign of your surrender to God, so pray, pray, pray! I want the family Rosary. We want your prayer continuously. Prayer and fasting can prevent wars. Go in peace."

15th August, 1986
"Peace! Today, I tell you, I cannot restrain the hand of God much longer. When God comes, He will not be joking. Time is running out fast. My dear people! Amend your ways and turn back to God. Prayer, Reconciliation, the Eucharist and the Mass. The Mass is the greatest prayer of God. My Son want the entire prayer of Mass. Put your trust in God and He will lead you on the right road home. On your own, you are sure to be lost. Again, I am calling you to prayer - prayer from the heart. By genuine prayer, you can obtain peace of mind, peace in your heart, peace in the home and peace in the world. Be on your guard against temptation and pray for protection. Go in peace."

17th August, 1986
"Peace! I want you all to believe that I am with you right now. But, most of all, I want you to carry out all my messages. I have come here for the sake of my children, so that I may draw them close to my heart. Again, I am asking you to pray - pray for peace in the world; pray for the sick and for the lonely; pray for all those who suffer injustice. I have compassion on all who mourn and take pity on the lonely-hearted. I do know all your failings. I am always with you. I love your company. Go in peace!"

20th August, 1986
"Peace. Prayer is always the best weapon you have. It is the key which opened God's heart. Let your prayer be of genuine gratitude to the Father. It is He who sends us the Holy Spirit. Be still and listen! Jesus wants you to place all your worries, troubles, difficulties and temptations at His feet. Jesus will always guide you on your future way. And, always pray the Rosary for peace and unity. Unforgiveness of your heart is a barrier to peace. The devil is strong with those who fear him and weak with those who despise him. Satan cannot do anything to people who have surrendered themselves to God."

24th August, 1986
"Peace! Let us always be aware of God's presence. God sees us, it is by our actions we are judged. Tell everybody to say the Rosary. The Rosary will overcome the problems Satan is causing. Wear religious objects and Satan will tempt you less; you will have armour against him. Keep the Sabbath day holy. I love your company. Go in peace."

31st August, 1986
"Peace. Let the Irish people give witness to their commitment of marriage. Irish people must support marriage. Again I ask for the family Rosary. With all the love and trust that I have in the youth, I beg them not to listen to the language of hatred, anger, revenge or retaliation. Go in peace."

3rd September, 1986
"Peace. You must do good with the gift of time that is left. Be humble in God's eyes and give a good example to others. It is important that you have faith. Save others and save souls by continuous prayers. Live a life of loving God and your neighbours. Live the messages I am giving you. Go in peace."

7th September, 1986
"Peace. Let faith and trust in my Son be your guide. Accept His word and remember that God sees all. You still pray too little. Pray for unity and love in the home, understanding and tolerance, for courage and patience and protection. Pray! Pray! Pray!.. and everything will be clear. I will never abandon you. Ponder on my messages. Go in peace."

10th September, 1986
"Peace. I have come for the sake of my Son. I cannot restrain His hand much longer. Help me and together we can save the world. You must save souls of sinners who do not love Jesus. Offer Holy Mass for the conversion of sinners and for souls in Purgatory. My dear children, when you have faith and trust in my Son, you have everything. I am standing here before you and I will bring you happiness. I do want you to receive the Sacrament of my Son more often. Receive the Eucharist - not only from habit but out of love for Jesus. The Mass is the greatest glory you can offer my Son. I thank you for the Rosaries received on my birthday. Go in Peace."

14th September, 1986
"Peace. Let the name of my Son and His ardent love for each one of you be imprinted on your heart, always on your mind and forever on your lips. Everyday belongs to Jesus - all your thoughts, words, actions and deeds should be in honour of Him alone. Jesus has promised every blessing to those who keep His commandments. Trust in His power, goodness and mercy. Have confidence in all His promises. My dear children! I ask again to have patience in your trials. Go in peace."

17th September, 1986
"Peace. Fear Jesus inwardly and avoid every occasion of offending Him. Be constant in faith, hope and love. My son wants the salvation of all. He is always so very near to you. Pray continually and Jesus will give you light and strength not to fall into sin. I am your Mother. I can and I will help you. So often I watch so many of my children going astray. I suffer a great deal of pain and sorrow because of you, my children. Please live my messages! Go in peace."

21st September, 1986
"Today, more than ever before, I require the Rosary - Hence my imparting of the fifteen messages to you. Today is not our last meeting. Do not be sad, you will be seeing me. Be happy! I am your Mother and I love you with all my heart. I cannot go from this parish just yet. I have to stay a little longer. Mary! Thank you for remaining with me and receiving all my messages. You have received many graces and now I bless you. May God's peace be always with you. Go in peace!"

24th September, 1986
"Peace. I do love your company. I will now bless all hear present. Go in peace."

28th September, 1986
"Peace. Children, doubt no longer but believe. Go in peace."

5th October, 1986
"Peace. Time has been created by the Lord: yesterday, today, tonight and tomorrow. Look around and appreciate its wonders. The Rosary..."(At this point, Our Lady had held up the Rosary beads She had in Her right hand, as an indication to start the Rosary).

7th October, 1986
At the request of a high-ranking clergyman, Mary asks: "Beautiful Lady, who are you, and what can I do for you?" Some minutes later, the reply was: "I am your Loving Mother and Jesus is My have the messages for eternal life".

10th October, 1986
"Peace. I ask again for perseverance in your trials. Jesus is your strength. He, alone, is the Overcomer. He listens to the cries of all. Walk daily with me. We seek the salvation of all. I will always protect you. In Jesus' Eucharistic Presence, you touch His heart. He will bring many blessings on all who come and relax in His Love. Open your heart to the wonderful graces He has for you. He is waiting for you. Go in Peace."

12th October, 1986
"Peace. God has given you many talents. Put them to good and proper use. Always give gratitude. Go in peace."

15th October, 1986
"Peace. The youth must be encouraged to pray. Go in peace!"

19th October, 1986
"Peace. My Son sent me to save. You have been chosen and have accepted the plan my Son and I had. Thank you for your response to the call of my Son, Jesus, for remaining with Him for as long as He asked you and for listening and receiving my messages. Go in peace."

28th October, 1986
Our Lady appears at Gortaneadin Grotto and says nothing by four large, printed words in two diagonal lines, as if in an inverted 'V', are emblazoned above her. The words are Prayer - Peace - Penance - Fasting.

8th December, 1986
On the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, Our Lady appears at Gortaneadin Grotto holding the Infant Jesus on her left arm. Once again she says nothing, but appears as the happy and exceedingly beautiful, young Mother of God.

She is dressed in a dazzling white gown with a blue sash wrapped softly around her waist. A blue mantle is draped over her brown hair. Baby Jesus appears to be about six months old with dark brown eyes and a dusting of brown hair. He is clothed in a long white gown but His tiny feet are visible. He is smiling and moving, stretching His small arms, and kicking His little legs excitedly as He looks happily into the exquisite face of His Mother. He then turns and smiles sweetly at the people in the Grotto.

10th December, 1986
Our Lady appears and 'speaks' through an interior locution. She is visible, and although Mrs. Casey hears her 'voice', her lips are not moving. "This Christmas, concentrate and pray for souls in Purgatory and for sinners who do not love Jesus."

25th December, 1986
Our Lady again appears, holding the Baby Jesus. This scene is quite similar to the apparition of December 8th. Mother and Son are surrounded by Heavenly light and smiling softly. On this Christmas day, the beautiful little Baby Jesus, Redeemer of the World, raises his tiny hand and, making the Sign of the Cross, blesses the sixty or more people who had come to pay their respects on this hallowed Feast of His birth.

28th December, 1986
The apparition of Christmas Day is repeated.

31st December, 1986
Our Lady appears but says nothing. She wears a soft, glistening white robe. She seems very sad although her expression changes quite frequently from sadness to sternness, to happiness and then sadness again.

Suddenly her heart becomes clearly visible. It is pear-shaped and Mrs. Casey sees it pulsating. There is a bright red glow emanating from her heart and this vivid red colour contrasts brilliantly against the whiteness of her gown. Immediately, a black shadow appears across this 'heart-on-fire' as if to break and divide it. Her hands then moved so as to enfold her heart. With palms upward, she places one hand over the other hand under her heart, as if to protect it from the cruel and vile attacks of men.

Our Lady begins to weep. The tears roll down her cheeks in big drops and remain on her chin for some time before dropping silently onto her gown. The eyes that once reflected Peace, Love and Joy are now weeping tears of pain, sadness and heartbreak.

4th January, 1987
Our lady appears with arms outstretched, as on the Miraculous Medal.

11th January, 1987
On this Feast of the Baptism of Our Lord, a beautiful white dove appears above the Grotto and flies overhead for several minutes.

8th February, 1987
Our Lady appears radiant and beautiful. With both hands, she holds a glass globe about the size of a football. Mrs. Casey sees that the globe is filled with a dark, grey fog-like substance, signifying that our world of today is being overcome by the smoke of Satan.

22nd February, 1987
Silent apparition of Our Lady.

25th March, 1987
The final appearance of Our Loving Mother to Mary Casey at Gortaneadin Grotto lasted the duration of the Rosary. As the 'Ave' was sung between the decades, Our Lady smiled sweetly and seemed pleased and happy. She looked at Mary, standing in the midst of the crowd, and then she looked lovingly at all of the pilgrims encircling the Grotto. Mary smiled brightly, seeming to reflect Our Lady's expressions.

Just before the apparition ended, Mary Casey was seen to make the Sign of the Cross in a very devout, precise manner. It was clear that something sad was happening and those present got the feeling that it was Mary's last apparition.

On coming out of the trance, Mary related what she had seen to the pilgrims crowding around. Her voice halted for a moment as she struggled to maintain composure and then Mary said that she presumed that she had had her final meeting with Our Lady in this life. She had heard the familiar voice of Our Lady say the following, though the lips had not moved: "Today, you see Me again, but now our mission is complete. Do not be afraid. We are with you always. Go in peace."

This description has been reprinted from the book "From My Heart...", written by Mary Casey, edited by Anne L. Curley, published in 1999.

P. Rooshe

Our Lady appeared to P. Rooshe from Derry at Gortaneadin Grotto in August of 1994, and imparted the following message:

"My Children: I welcome you here to Gortaneadin Grotto. I have waited for you to come so that I could give you these words of Love. I wish people to come here for I have so many blessings to give them. The Father has allowed me to be here for an allotted amount of time. Because I do not speak now does not mean that I am not here. Many people will forget after a while that I am still waiting for the prayers I asked for. This place is holy and blessed by God, The Father. We await many prayers for these will be included in the salvation of the world. I give you this message so that when you begin your journey out into the world, then this place will never be forgotten. These shrines throughout the world are but stepping stones towards grace. I wish a series of prayers to begin here.

"Say my Rosary that this place will become a place of procession once more. Many healings will take place here because the hand of Jesus has touched the waters in healing. Tell all who need conversion to come here. Conversion is what I am here for. I await their prayers, for much prayer is needed for the approaching times.

"I love you. People must come here for healing and for conversion. This is what I am asking of you this day."

Noreen Reddington

Noreen, from, Rathmore, Co. Kerry, was a former Nurse at St. Finbarr's Hospital in Cork. With others she nursed the Polio victims during that dreadful epidemic. She later became Night Superintendent at the Hospital, at the age of 25.

On the 10th of April, 1992, she passed to her eternal reward after 7 years of suffering with a terminal illness, which involved three major surgeries and further ongoing treatment until her death.

She hoped and prayed that some day those visions of Our Blessed Lady to so many people at Inchigeela would be recognised by Church and Laity.

Our Blessed Lady appeared to Noreen at Gortaneadin Grotto, on the 3rd May, 1987. This is her testimony:

I arrived at the Grotto at 4.45p.m. Shortly afterwards, a Priest commenced saying the Rosary. After the first Decade, Our Blessed Lady appeared about three feet down from the statue and slightly to the left. She remained for about 15 minutes and was still present when the Rosary was over and some other prayers said.

Our Blessed Lady wore a long white frock with a very pale blue mantle on her head. Her shoulder length, light brown hair was very evenly divided in each side.

She continued to smile all the time and seemed very happy. Her beauty was beyond explanation, tall, slim and probably just over twenty. Her hands were joined as if in prayer, with a very obvious space in the centre.

During the last three minutes of Our Lady's appearance, a Flame came from her chest. It moved very quickly down, up and over her shoulders. A very loud noise coincided with this Flame. I now know it was the Flame of Love.